The most complete mixdown tutorial ever! 


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ESKMO - B-SIDE - 1996 - VHS Mix by Eskmo

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Basslines & Banter Tutorial Series: MIDI “Resampling” 

New tutorial for you suckas. This may be the best new discovery since multi-track recording. 

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Just uploaded Bacon Dubs - Evolution LP [FKOFFRLP002] to Mixcloud. Listen now!

Mind completely blown

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Sekuoia - Something We Lost (Remastered Version) by UpMyAlley

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"We’re not the most musically trained producers out there but we manage to get by"

Producers House - Chase & Status 


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Tycho’s Awake is like a soundtrack to a sunbaked road trip, capturing the inexplicable nostalgia one feels while imagining a new life in a new town.
Stream Awake from NPR Music’s First Listen.
  • All day I dream about music....
  • So I stay up all night working on it
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Sequencing Maschine Drum Tracks with Ableton Push Controller



This is a guest post from a user, TekMonki, who’s published a template project which uses a powerful and time-saving technique for getting Ableton’s Push controller to play along nicely with Maschine when used as a VST plugin.

I’m a big fan of Maschine’s sounds and expansions, but getting clips from Maschine to Live is not most efficient or intuitive for my workflow. Mainly, there is a bit too much duplication of efforts and I thought it would be great if I could use the step sequencing feature of the Ableton Push controller to control the Maschine VST and subsequently anything loaded in one of it’s groups (drum kits, synth sounds, etc). It turns out that it is possible. I came up with a solution which is a bit of a spin on something I learned from a tutorial posted on Ableton and NI’s forums, as well as by St. Joe regarding integrating Maschine into Live. It has been working well for me and it’s currently my main Live template.

The Setup

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Great tool for Maschine users

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